City of Zachary

Boards & Commissions

City Hall

Appointments to Boards and Commissions

ABC Board Appointments

Carl Spears
Craig De Rouen
Erin Hybart 
Harold Bezet
Jason Broussard
Jennifer Reitzell
Narvel Hamilton
Recording Secretary - Lovenia Williams -

Planning & Zoning Commission Appointments

Billy Kline -
Chris Hilton -
​Laura Freeman  -
Mindy Slaughter -
Russell Jones -
Scott Ritzell -
Thomas Scott -
Recording Secretary - Dana LeJeune -

Municipal Civil Service Board

Dana LeJeune
Donald Hunt III
Frank Landry
Lovenia Williams     
Ryan Talbot
Recording Secretary - Meghan Whittington -​
LMA Gas Purchasing and Distribution Authority
Steve Nunnery
Recording Secretary - Dana LeJeune -

Gas District #1                   
Todd McKey
Recording Secretary - Phyllis Sims -

Zachary Food Pantry Board
Mark Antoine - Executive Director
Mike Amrhein - Board of Directors President
Chloe McCleary - Vice President
Dale Hughes - Treasurer
Steven Browning, Sr. - Secretary
James Beadles
Jim Bethea
Annie Freeman
Beryl Gordy
Bill Noreus
Floyd Pelichet
Jackie Snowden