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2018 Residential Trends


Zachary was only mildly impacted by the Great Flood and continues to prosper. With only 520 2017 sales, or 5% of the 10,362 Greater Baton Rouge Sales, Zachary has the number 1 public school ranking in the State of Louisiana for 13 consecutive years in a row. It's a market where locals are willing to pay, on average, $243,482 or $123/sf for the average size 1,886 sf new home. New homes over $350,000 were sold in Americana and Copper Mill for an average of $144/sf for an average size 2,753 sf home, which speaks of the confidence in the market. For all home sales, days on market averaged 68 days selling for 98% of listing prices and for $121/sf. Several new residential developments are either planned or under construction in Zachary. (Informed compiled by the Greater Baton Rouge Association of Realtors 2018 Annual Seminar on TRENDS)