City of Zachary


Utilities Maintenance

Where can I go to order a higher capacity residential gas meter?
4363 E. Mae Street or contact the Utility Maintenance Division at 225 654-0201

How can I determine what size gas meter I will need for my new home?
By filling out a  BTU Demand Form located on the Utilities from this site or picked up at 4363 E. Mae Street

What is the cost of a residential water and gas deposit, tap and installation?
See Meter Deposit and Installation Form listed under Utilities

I have a gas, sewer or water leak and it’s after hours, who do I call?
Call 225 654-0201 and the call will be transferred to the answering service who will provide the appropriate assistance.

Can the City of Zachary tell me if I have a water leak? 
Yes. Contact the Utility Cashier Office at 225-654-6871.

Before any excavation in and around any gas facility, who should I contact?
LA One Call is a free service to help you dig safely.  LA One Call will alert companies/utilities so that they can mark their nearby underground facilities before you start. State law requires two full business days for utility companies to mark their lines.  It is simple:  Before you dig:  Dial 811 of 1 (800) 272-3020.  Instructions will be given to you at this time.  Remember:  Before you Dig, Wait for the Site to be Marked, Respect the Marks and Dig With Care.

What should I do if I smell gas odors?
Call the City of Zachary at 225 654-0201.  If a gas leak is detected behind the gas meter or inside your home, a Zachary licensed plumber must be contacted at the home owner's expense.  For the safety of yourself and others, your gas will be turned off by the City and locked if a gas leak is detected.