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John Womack

"A Man For All Seasons"

John Womack was the longest serving Mayor, serving from January 1981 until January 2003.  He was a Man for all Seasons!  He was the one with the vision and plan for the Zachary Historic Village. Today, a statue of John Womack can be found near the gazebo, located in the Zachary Historical Village, along with a plaque in his honor.

A Man for all Seasons! 
A carpenter, a builder of churches.
A fisher, a hunter, a cook, and a feeder of men.
A teacher, a builder of character. 
A neighbor, a visionary and a friend. 
A Man’s Man and a Man for all Seasons.

John Womack died on July 7, 2010. Highlights of his career in public service include the establishment of the Zachary community school system, Zachary Youth Park and Zachary Historic Village. In his personal life, he was a strong Christian man, a loving brother, husband, father and grandfather, an avid fisherman and outdoorsman, a farmer and cattleman. He also enjoyed church-building mission trips and feeding large groups of people. Beyond all of his public accolades, he was most known for his tremendous personal generosity he showed to countless members of our community.