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City of Zachary Utilities Office Announces Customer Appreciation Day

Posted by zachary on June 15, 2017

City of Zachary Utilities Office Announces Customer Appreciation Day

On Thursday, July 6th, The City of Zachary Utilities Office, located at 4650 Main Street will host a Customer Appreciation Day. Customers can stop by for free nachos in the lobby from 11 am – 3pm.  The City of Zachary has served as a community-owned utility office since the early 1900’s.  Monica Jackson, newly appointed Utility Director has been implementing new positive changes in the cashier’s office since coming on board in March. In addition to serving fresh coffee for customers every morning, the office now serves complimentary bags of fresh popcorn in the lobby on the last Thursday of the month from 11am – 1pm.  “Our purpose is to provide the best possible utility service to each of our customers.  We strive to provide you with efficient prompt service,” says Monica. 

Pictured Above: Utilities Director Monica Jackson (L), Megan Nunnery (R) and Cashier Kendra Brown welcome and sign up two homeowners, Brittani Gordon and Terri McLauny for new utility service.

Pictured: L to R - Utility Office Employees Serving Coffee - Bobbie Guillory, Kathy Spears, Kendra Brown, Megan Nunnery, Cheryl Herty, Monica Jackson