City of Zachary

Trash/Recycling Pickup

Public Works

Residential Trash/Garbage Pickup

The City of Zachary has a solid waste collection contract with Waste Management of Louisiana for garbage and trash pickup.  Curbside garbage/solid waste pickup is provided twice a week per week to each residential home. Garbage/solid waste is useless, unwanted or discarded materials with insufficient liquid content to be free flowing, that results from domestic operations.

Bulk waste pickup is provided once a week to each residential home. Bulk items are items that are too large for the trash cart, such as a sofas, stoves, hot water heaters, mattress/box springs, old carpets or tree limbs. Residents can contact the City of Zachary Utility Office at 225-654-1902 for their specific collection dates, which are depending on the residence location.

Residents may also dispose of garbage, trash, and bulk items at the East Baton Rouge Parish North Landfill, located at 16001 Samuels Road in Zachary between the hours of 7 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, or 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. on Saturday.  Residents are limited to garbage disposal four times per month at no fee.  Bulk items, such as demolition debris or building materials will be weighed and charged a $28 per ton tipping fee, or 1000 pounds or less at $14.00.  For questions or inquiries, contact the EBRP North Landfill at 225 389-4813.

Waste Management observes the following legal holiday:  Christmas Day.  These will be non-collection days.  Should the scheduled collection day fall on an above-described holiday, the collection will be accomplished on the next business day after such holiday.

Residential Recycling Pickup

Waste Management is contracted by the City of Zachary for the collection of residential recycling. This service is provided once a week per customer. Collection days are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday dependent on the residence location.  This service is provided once a week per customer.  All recyclable materials must be in an 18-gallon green recycling bin.  If you need a green bin, they are available for pickup at the City of Zachary Annex, located at 4650 Main Street.  All recyclable materials can be mixed in these bins. It is best to put your recycling cart out the night before it is to be picked up. Route pickup begins at 5 a.m. each morning.

Acceptable recycling products:

  • Newspaper, magazines, scrap paper, cardboard, glass, plastics with a 1-7 inside the recycle arrow, milk cartons, juice boxes, detergent refill containers, aluminum cans, tin cans, steel cans, bimetal cans and metal lids
  • Juice, milk and cream boxes and cartons (rinse), cereal and cracker boxes (remove liners)
  • Clear, brown and green beverage bottles and food jars (empty and rinse), wine bottles (remove the top, cork, and foil, rinse).

Unacceptable recycling products:

  • Plastic bags, Styrofoam, bubble wrap, plastic film, household garbage, yard trimmings or woody waste, building materials, automobile/trailer or bike tires, household or hazardous waste (electronics, batteries, paint, chemicals, oil or oil filters), soiled papers (diapers, tissues, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, or pizza boxes)
  • Clothes hangers, toys, 6-pack rings, chemical containers, packing materials or plastic wrap, soiled paper, photos, hardcover books, carbon paper, newspaper delivery bags or rubber bands
  • Waxy frozen food packaging, take-out food containers, pizza boxes, light bulbs, mirrors, window glass, drinking glasses, ceramics, or Pyrex