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Important Information for Contacting FEMA

Posted by zachary on August 14, 2016

The City of Zachary needs information to submit to FEMA in order to request federal assistance for the residents. If you have experienced any damage associated with the high water event over the last couple of days, please email the following information to : Name and contact information, address, a brief description of damage, amount of water in home (if known), if you own or rent your home, if you have flood insurance, and if you have any insurance.

We know everyone is very anxious to begin clean-up and start rebuilding. It is very important however to take pictures and document any damage before doing any work or clean-up on structures. Document everything that was damaged. If you buy supplies, keep the receipts. This will be very important in the next few days for submitting claims. We suggest starting a folder with all of this information. This will be especially important when an emergency declaration by FEMA is made allowing those without flood insurance to receive benefits. Also, please make sure to contact your insurance company or agent. They will be able to tell you as well what you should and shouldn’t do before an assessment of your property is completed.

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