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Welcome to the official website for Zachary.  One of my goals as Mayor of Zachary is to move Zachary forward with transparency and innovation.  We feel this updated site will ensure a collaborative relationship between the government and all residents of Zachary.

The City of Zachary, located in south Louisiana, is the number one city for families in the Baton Rouge region, combining the charm of small city living with the convenience of the major metropolitan city of Baton Rouge twenty minutes away.  This growing community topped the list among Louisiana cities, with the highest annual household estimated income of $74,553. With quality education its priority, the Zachary Independent School District has been ranked first in the state for eleven consecutive years. 

A popular attraction for all residents is the City-operated Zachary Youth Park Complex.  In addition, BREC Parks like the newly renovated Zachary Community Park and the Flanacher Road Soccer Park, all provide excellent recreational facilities. Easy access to a vast array of outdoor activities including walking and biking trails, golf and other sporting activities add to our numerous recreational centers. 

The growth and diversity of Zachary’s business community has mirrored the rapid growth of the city’s population.  A large number of finance institutions, manufacturers, research and developmental laboratories and healthcare facilities call Zachary home.  Retail business is thriving and the “Buy Zachary First Initiative” was instituted to provide for the expansion of Zachary’s economy, encouraging business and economic growth. With the new Mississippi River- Audubon Bridge open, connecting East with West, both Highways 61 and 64 are ready for both residential and commercial growth.

 Zachary’s Police are well staffed, trained and equipped and are credited for its low crime rate. The Fire Department boasts a Class 2 Fire Rating, which keeps property insurance rates low. A community museum, located within the Zachary Historic District, offers tours and provides a rare look at neighborhood life on Main Streets of long ago.

We hope this website serves as a useful tool to assist and inform you about our local government and its daily operations.   Zachary is one of the fastest growing small cities in Louisiana and offers an affordable, comfortable and secure lifestyle. The friendly, helpful neighbors, the security of living in Iow-crime neighborhoods, the peace of mind of having a first class medical center nearby, people working together to make a better city – is what makes Zachary a smart plus place people love to call home.  


Mayor David Amrhein